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Serving Our Residents with Kindness

KindCare at Naugatuck offers a comfortable and enriching senior living experience. Our thoughtfully designed community caters to the unique needs of each resident, fostering connections, support, and kindness. 

Our services uphold these values by offering endless opportunities to enrich our residents’ lives. However we can help, we’re always ready.

Join our community and experience the kindness that sets us apart.

What Kindness Means to Us

Kindness is our foundation. We prioritize the well-being of our residents while also extending this philosophy to our team and their families. 

With comprehensive services, multiple dining options, and innovative technologies, we create an all-inclusive, fulfilling life for our amazing residents.

Enriching Our Resident’s Lives

At KindCare at Naugatuck, we wholeheartedly prioritize the well-being of our residents. From invigorating wellness programs to delicious meals, we create an inclusive environment for growth and inspiration. 

Join us on this remarkable journey as we make every moment special.

Lifelong learning and engagement programs go beyond personal development, fostering community and camaraderie through activities like culinary, art, technology, and exercise classes.

Visit our Activities page to learn more.

Experience the freedom of choice with our resident-centered approach. Our “Anytime Dining” program offers personalized meals anytime, anywhere. From a customized breakfast to unique orders, we cater to every craving. 

Discover a taste of our mouthwatering flavors in our sample menu.

FOX Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is crucial for seniors’ well-being, improving physical health and flexibility, and preventing falls. FOX Rehabilitation specializes in senior care, empowering your loved ones to reach their full physical potential.

FOX Rehabilitation provides certified speech therapists trained in senior care to help improve communication skills, pronunciation, fluency, swallowing, and emotional management for seniors.

FOX Rehabilitation is at the heart of our therapy programs, where we prioritize enhancing strength and communication to support the lives of our residents. Our team is committed to providing not only exceptional care but also promoting optimal living through FOX Optimal Living

This concierge-level program goes beyond physical therapy, placing importance on every aspect of life, spirit, and dignity. 

With FOX Rehabilitation and FOX Optimal Living combined, you can trust that your loved one is receiving comprehensive and personalized care that helps to enrich their overall well-being.

Additional Services

Our all-inclusive services are designed to come together and create an extraordinary living experience for our cherished residents. 

We believe in offering a supportive environment that goes beyond the essentials, providing an array of personalized services focused on promoting health, wellness, engagement, and enrichment. Some of our additional services include:

  • Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Medication management
  • Weekly housekeeping & linen services
  • Daily tidying
  • 24/7 nursing services available
  • Suite maintenance services
  • Assistance to & from activities and meals
  • Specialized dietary accommodations
  • Incontinence management
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